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    電話:0734-8484008, 0734-8484029

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    Company Profile

    Hunan Shengyi Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. has evolved from Hengyang Instrument Factory, a key enterprise of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. The company has long been committed to the research and development and production of noise measuring instruments. Many of the company's products have won the National Science and Technology Conference Award, the Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award and the Hunan Excellent Product Title. The company pays attention to the development of science and technology. Over the years, it has presided over and participated in more than 80 national standards and national metrology technical regulatory documents, of which more than 20 were the first drafting unit; currently the company has obtained 13 software copyrights and 5 patents with independent intellectual property rights. And ranks among the national high-tech enterprises.

    The various series of sound level meters produced by the company are widely used in field measurement and laboratory analysis of noise from mechanical and electrical products, environmental noise, traffic noise, industrial noise and workplace noise. The company’s HY128 series multifunctional sound level meter is suitable for noise measurement in different places and environments. It has two categories: explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof. It is equipped with different configurations according to customer needs, providing customers with more choices and appropriate services. The types with complete configurations already have the same functions as similar advanced products in the existing market, and have a better cost performance. This product is the same as the previous HY104, HY114, HY108, HY118 and other series of models, and has obtained the national measuring instrument type approval certificate.

    The company has a long history in the production of measurement microphones. Its products have won the Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award as early as the 1990s. The anti-corrosion high sound pressure level measurement microphones developed by the company have won the support of national "Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Technology Innovation Fund", the project successfully passed the national acceptance, and its dynamic range upper limit reached 171dB, which is at the leading level in the industry. The microphones produced by the company are widely used in the national aerospace field, and have established long-term cooperative relationships with several well-known research institutes in the aerospace field, which have contributed to the development of the national aerospace industry. In addition, the company's measurement microphones and sound level meters are also exported to the European market in batches.

    Warmly welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to choose our products, establish friendly cooperative relations with us, and seek common development.








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